Monday, May 19, 2008

My family and I wanted something in return for testifying again, however, we were told by the DA's office, "there's nothing we can do.  If you don't testify there's a good chance she will walk."  We still don't believe there's nothing they could do, but after much heartache and the fear that she could walk , I testified again .  It almost didn't matter, as the jury almost let her walk anyway.  Eventually the outcome was a plea of 2nd degree murder with a first degree accessory which brought a total of 22 years.  She had already served four, to seventeen years for actually killing her own mother!

I freely stood up for my part in this horrific act.  It it had not been for her, I never would have had any reason to do such a thing.  To this day I regret  having ever met this girt and been so emotionally embroiled in  a situation that it caused me to lose focus of all I had been taught and knew to be wrong.  I do not feel I should have to spend the rest of my life in prison when  she has the opportunity to be released.  I was promised that whatever she got, I would get.  I abetted, but I did not wield the murder weapon.  I just want the same treatment and release as her.
In fifteen years, I will be forty-two years old.  I would like an opportunity to begin a life outside of prison.  I was only half of that team and I had no reason to take part in the act if not for her.  If there are any of you out there who would like to hear the details of this journey my family and I have waded through, I need support for our cause and someone with power and a sense of fairness to take an interest in our plight.

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