Monday, May 12, 2008

My Story

I am Jeremy Dunlap. I am currently serving a life sentence for having participated in a 
terrible crime. Seven years ago I was twenty years old and dating a girl of seventeen I thought 
I was madly in love. Late one night, my girlfriend let me into her basement bedroom through a 
window. Naturally, we had sex. Unfortunately, her mother entered her room as we were lying 
there and proceeded, like any mother, to become enragedl I heard her say she would be telling 
her father in the morning and all the while I was hurrying to get my clothes on to leave.
I did not totally leave, however. I basically hung around in the neighborhood, catnapping in my car.
I watched the house until I saw her father leave for work and her mother leave for an errand. What
ensued was a conversation on how to handle this situation. She said she just wanted to kill her mother and she was serious.
We bantered around ideas, as I thought the killing part had to be a joke. It wasn't! In all the in-
tensity of that day, we did end up killing her mother and attempted to dispose of the body. It was
a horrible choice and unbelievable to this day.
I do not want to get into all the details in one sitting, but suffice it to say, that a
due to poor representation and pressure to remove the potential for the death penalty as a
choice for the jury, I entered a plea agreement with the state for a life sentence without the poss-
ibilty of parole. By pleading guilty and helping the state, I could be assured my life.
I was told repeatedly that whatever she got, I would get or vice versa. By removing the
possibility of death from me, she benefitted also. She was tried in 2001 and convicted of 1st 
degree murder and given life without. However, because she had the benefit of a trial, she was
eligible for appeal.
In 2005, the appellate court voted 2-against and 1-for overturning her sentence on a tech-
nicality (which I will elaborate on another time). Evidently, at the appellate level, all three judges have
to be in agreement, or the case is overturned. She was also awarded a change of venue. I was
then brought to Marion, NC then sent to Hendersonville jail, against my will to testify against 
her once again.


llog said...

This is Lynn, Jeremy's mother. After much consultation with a new attorney, we will be meeting with a clemency attorney sometime after the first of the year. If you any of you who read and respond to this blog can help financially in any way, we would really appreciate it. I hesitate to put my address here, but if there seems to be an interest, I will contact you. Unfortunately, everybody is hurting at this time in our economy, but as little as $10 can add up. Gather as many people as you can to read this blog and think about our plight. It is valid and I promise you an injustice has been perpetrated. Yes, I have lived with this for eight years and may have to live with it many years more, but to think Jeremy may have an opportunity to have some kind of life outside of prison fills me with hope. I will blog again after I hear from anyone. Thanks!

ashley said...

Jeremy/Lynn, I'm not sure how often you check this or if you even do anymore, but this is Ashley Edwards, an old friend of Jeremy's. I've been trying to get in touch with him. I sent a letter last week to an address I think is right, but I'm not too sure. If you get this, could you email me at Thank you!

jlution said...

Jeremy/Lynn, hi i am john yang i'm jerry yang older brother. i use to work with jeremy along with my older brother thomas at ingles. if i can help feel free to email me @

Orchid said...

DayGumIt! Johnny beat me to it cause I'm too retarded to figure out how to sign up to blog. Grr Anyways hi Lynn and big hug and hi for you Jeremy. This is Heidi... Jerry and Sherry Yang's sister. We all want to help Jeremy. I know my brother left his email address but I want to leave mine too. Keep posting Lynn! Never give up. Jeremy keep your head up we are all here for you!

Wh4t3v3r said...

Let me get this straight, you murdered someone and don't think you deserve your punishment. Quit pointing fingers and Accept what YOU did. You took someone that had a family, parents, brothers and sisters, a husband and children and murdered them. You brutally beat her, strangled her and set her on fire. Did you see the pictures of her? I did and will never be able to get them out of my mind. Do you remember what she looked like as you set her on fire?

People can do a search online and see the testimony you gave where you stated you are the one that murdered her.

You had a choice that day and no one forced you to do what you did.It is ridiculous how people point fingers and do the, well this one did this and this one did that. You took a persons life and are lucky you aren't in a country where they give immediate action and take a life for a life or you wouldn't be alive right now. You are a murderer.

Anonymous said...

Dude, what the fuck you doing killing people with flashlights and burning bodies? Fucked up my weekend a long time ago with that bullshit.